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15.07.2013 - Prof. Daniela C. Dieterich "Deciphering astroglial and neuronal proteome dynamics with a 'click'"

17.06.2013 - Prof. Peter J. McCormick "GPCR heteromers and their physiological roles in pathological and non-pathological settings; Adenosine Deaminase and its influence on the immune system"

31.05.2013 -

13.05.2013 - Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann "Ectonucleotidases as regulators of intercellular communication by nucleotides; principal biochemical and functional properties" (part 1)

Dr. Matthias Zebisch "Ectonucleotidases as regulators of intercellular communication by nucleotides; structure, function and inhibition" (part 2)

15.04.2013 - Prof. Dr. Ryszard Ostaszewski "New biocatalytic strategies in the synthesis of new peptidomimetic inhibitors of the thioredoxin reductase system"


17.12.2012 - Prof. Dr. Sheila Collins "Mechanisms regulating fat cell metabolism and thermogenesis"

03.12.2012 - Prof. Dr. Herman Overkleeft "Activity-based protein profiling of proteases and glycosidases"

12.11.2012 - Prof. Dr. Sven Enerbäck "Brown fat of mice and man"

05.11.2012 - Prof. Dr. Harald Schmidt "Oxidative stress: a validated therapeutic target, finally"

15.10.2012 - Prof. Dr. Steven De Jonghe "Flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase as target for the development of novel antibiotics"

07.09.2012 - Prof. Dr. Robert Nicholas "Complex regulation of trafficking and internalization of the P2Y1 receptor"

04.07.2012 - Prof. Dr. Jörg Heeren "Brown adipose tissue: a new candidate for the treatment of dyslipidemia and obesity"

25.06.2012 - Prof. Dr. Clara Camaschella "Role of serine protease matriptase-2 in mammals iron homeostasis"

18.06.2012 - Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wolber "Identifying essential drug features: 3D pharmacophore-based virtual screening"

04.06.2012 - Prof. Dr. Roland Seifert "cCMP as second messenger"

03.05.2012 - Prof. Dr. Martin Klingenspor "Brown adipose tissue: a heater organ with a BRITE future"

18.04.2012 - Prof. Dr. Philipp E. Scherer "Adipocyte-derived factors: physiological role and clinical relevance"

15.02.2012 - Prof. Dr. Enzo Nisoli "Mitochondrial biogenesis and health"


19.12.2011 - Prof. Dr. Hans Aerts "Gaucher disease, an attractive playground for therapy development and biomarker discovery"

14.11.2011 - Prof. Dr. Janko Kos "Cysteine carboxypeptidases cathepsins B and X in physiological and pathological processes"

05.09.2011 - Dr. Christian Trötschel "Quantitative proteomics - methods and their application"

29.07.2011 - PD Dr. Jana Hartmann "Synaptic transmission by mGluR1 - New players and novel mechanisms"

05.07.2011 - Prof. Dr. Jason McConville "Nanoparticle vs. pulmonary aspergillosis"

30.05.2011 - Prof. Dr. Heidi E. Hamm "New insights into R*-G high affinity complex from structural, biophysical and modeling studies"

30.05.2011 - Dr. Reinoud Gosens "Muscarinic receptors in the pathophysiology of inflammatory lung diseases: a new view on anticholinergics"

16.05.2011 - Prof. Dr. Christian Hertweck "Exploring and Engineering Metabolic Diversity in Microorganisms"

18.04.2011 - Prof. Dr. Athanassios Giannis "Cyclopamine: Chemistry, Biology and medical perspectives"

24.03.2011 - Prof. Dr. Ronald J. Quinn "Exploiting the natural product universe: Scaffolds and Fragments"

15.02.2011 - Prof. Dr. Joey V. Barnett "Type III TGFbeta Receptor: unexpected roles and opportunities in coronary vessel development"

17.01.2011 - PD Dr. Thomas Reinheckel "Cathepsin proteases as drug targets for cancer therapy: lessons from transgenic mouse models"


8. November 2010 - Prof. Dr. Norbert Sträter "Struktur und Funktion von Ecto-Nukleotidasen in der purinergen Signaltransduktion"

1. Oktober 2010 - Prof. Dr. Thomas Braulke "Defective sugar phosphorylation causes the lysosomal storage disorder mucolipidosis type II"

2. September 2010 - Prof. Dr. Urs Häfeli "Towards Drug Targeting with Intravascular Magnetic Microspheres"

22. Juli 2010 - Dr. Jürgen Wess "Novel Aspects of Muscarinic Receptor Function"

6. Mai 2010 - Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Burnstock "The therapeutic potential of purinergic signalling"

23. März 2010 - Prof. Dr. Loren Field "Potential mechanisms for cardiac regeneration"

17. Februar 2010 - Prof. Dr. Stefan Uhlig "Regulation of vascular permeability in the lung by sphingolipids"

4. Februar 2010 - Dr. Gerd Wallukat "Functional autoantibodies against G-Protein coupled receptors"

15. Januar 2010 - Prof. Dr. Hans R. Schöler "Induction of pluripotency in stem cells"


10. Dezember 2009 - Prof. Dr. Gennady G. Yegutkin "Regulatory mechanisms of purinergic signaling in the vasculature in normal and pathological states"

23. November 2009 - Prof. Dr. Moritz Bünemann "Spatiotemporal aspects of GPCR signalling visualized by fluorescence microscopy"

3. Juli 2009 - Dr. Magnus Walter "Novel Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors"

23. Juni 2009 - Prof. Dr. Joe Beavo "Regulation of physiological functions by cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases"

29. Juni 2009 - Dr. Harry P. de Koning "Strategies for the study of nucleobase transporters in protozoa"